"Thanks to PriceKit, we have been able to deploy a variety of much more complex pricing strategies"

Péter Grestner


Marketing Manager

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About the company:

Attase Gastro Ltd. has been providing custom-designed, value-for-money kitchen technology solutions for domestic catering establishments for over 15 years. Their team of experts is available to customers from needs assessment to installation and maintenance. Over the years, their product range has been specifically adapted to the needs of the domestic market. Their priority is to provide our customers with a complete solution. The company's easily accessible Budapest location and the diversity of its product range enable customers to obtain all catering-related products - be it catering machinery, equipment, or tools - quickly, easily, and at a good price. 

However, in addition to running a quality service, Attase Gastro Ltd has little time and resources left to monitor competing companies and keep their prices within the most optimal limits. 


  • Presence of competitive competitors in the market 

  • Competitors react immediately to price changes

  • A huge range of products made manual competitor analysis even more difficult 

  • Initially, competitors were monitored manually, a task that required a full-time employee. Efficiency was hampered by market saturation, constant price fluctuations, and the inability of the manual system to keep up with changes in time.

How did we help?

  • Prices are always up to date, which has eliminated customer complaints

  • The Excel spreadsheet system has been replaced with a more transparent one

  • One-click, no need to deal with changing prices one interface at a time

  • Thanks to our service, the company has gained extra resources

  • We monitor the whole market, with no "blind spots"

  • Rapid response to market fluctuations is guaranteed 

"Thanks to PriceKit, we have been able to deploy a variety of much more complex pricing strategies. We realized that not every product needed to be priced at the lowest possible price, so we saved time and saw a visible increase in profits. We are very happy with the service and using the PriceKit interface has become an integral part of our everyday life. I would highly recommend it to any company, apart from the kitchen technology segment, let's keep the laurels here."

Péter Grestner - Attase Gastro - Marketing Manager