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ABOUT THE COMPANY: webshop is an online agricultural store offering the main agricultural products for both hobby gardeners and farmers. The range of products on offer includes the main horticultural and field fertilizers, microelement fertilizers, mono- and complex water-soluble fertilizers, special long-acting ornamental fertilizers, and high-quality lawn fertilizers for home gardens and sports fields. They also sell a range of plant conditioning biostimulants, seedling nursery equipment, microbiological soil conditioners, and advanced pelleted organic fertilizers, heat-treated, pest, and weed-free, which are effective in promoting efficient crop production. And in the irrigation section of the webshop, customers can find all the essential nozzles, controllers, and accessories they may need when setting up an irrigation system.


  • It is common for some products to be sold in different pack sizes

  • They offer a wide range of brands, which is a huge administrative burden

  • They aim for customer-oriented, fast processes


  • The traditional human resource-based working method was way too time-consuming with such a large number of products, and management was a disaster

  • A common problem was the different packaging of each product

  • In addition to the quest for quality, the company has little time and usable resources to monitor the market and keep prices within the most optimal limits.


  • We saved valuable resources and time for the company

  • Since using PriceKit, both turnover and customer satisfaction have increased, improving the company's reputation

  • They have been able to implement an efficient and comprehensive pricing methodology with our easy-to-use service

  • Because our automated system is much more efficient and accurate in both monitoring and pricing in much less time, they can always monitor market changes

  • All processes are transparent and manageable in one click, with a single interface, no need to fumble through the details one by one

  • We have brought the ease of making decisions that maximize speed and profitability to the company, and the time saved by doing so allows the focus to be shifted elsewhere: the company has now started to grow dynamically.