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About the company: is Hungary's largest market-leading online game store. Its product range includes practically all popular brands and product categories (from baby toys to slides). In addition to their market growth, they have maintained their trademark family atmosphere and customer-oriented approach.


  • Highly competitive competitors

  • Rapidly changing product prices

  • Constantly expanding/seasonally changing product range

  • Strong seasonality and discounts

  • Hidden costs of competitors (price mark-up hidden in transport costs)

Our partner used to manually monitor competitors and their products, which was a constant burden for management. Their products were monitored on a narrow, ad-hoc basis, with the capacity to intervene only in exceptional cases.

They priced their product portfolio according to a mass-based method based on standard margin rules, which did not allow for dynamic (personalized) pricing operations in response to market reactions. In addition, monitoring the ever-increasing number of competitors and seasonally changing product range was an additional burden, so it was time to implement a flexible system that replaced the time-consuming manual price monitoring and automated all steps of their pricing.

How did we automate their pricing?

  • Easy to use with data filtering,

  • Keeping a constant eye on a large number of products,

  • A professional matching algorithm,

  • A dashboard with integrated data interpretation to help you make real, data-driven decisions every day.

What about the results?

  • Obtain, process, and transmit market information on multiple product volumes compared to the originally observed number

  • We automatically track market price changes in two countries

  • We have taken the burden of manual pricing off management's shoulders.

  • We have automated the tracking of market pricing dynamics and trends at a strategic level

  • React instantly to market changes

  • No longer leave money on the market by maximizing profits