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About the company: is one of the biggest beauty webshops in Hungary. They offer only high-quality, market-leading beauty products in environmentally friendly, plastic-free, 100% recycled paper packaging. Over the past three decades, they have continuously educated themselves, whether it is about products, trends, manufacturers, or innovations. Today, the former small company has grown into one of the leading beauty industry experts in the country. What makes a company really special beyond competence? In the webshop, they sell only products that are truly "love brands", the choices of their hearts. The company's philosophy is that in addition to the distribution of beautiful, trendy, lovable products, value creation is also important. That's why, with their "Beutips" posts, they cover an exciting topic every week, with expert advice, of course. As an official distributor in Hungary, the company can make the widest possible range of brands available to customers, so they always try to be one step ahead when it comes to new products. 


  • There is daily price competition in the market, so price monitoring is essential
  • Thanks to the quick changes in the market, businesses have to react quickly and effectively 
  • It is a fragmented market


  • They distribute more than 50 quality brand products
  • Discounts and best offers can motivate customers to make more purchases in this market
  • The company’s competitors are very competitive, so it is essential to have the best pricing strategy and to follow it on a daily basis
  • Before they priced their products on a weekly basis, manually, using an excel sheet, they did not have automated processes and well-built strategies

How did PriceKit help?

  • Automated pricing has been introduced instead of monitoring the prices manually and using excel sheets
  • The number of monitored products has increased
  • Thanks to this innovation, the company has saved a lot of time and human resources
  • The work is easy and efficient
  • Thanks to data-based, well-built decisions, customers are more satisfied, and negative feedback is gone

Since using PriceKit, traffic and customer satisfaction have increased, and the company's reputation has also improved significantly. With the new analytical and monitoring system, Lovebrands takes on the competition with ease, no matter how competitive the competitor is.