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About the company: was founded in the autumn of 2014 and is the country's leading wholesaler and retailer of swimming pool equipment. Their online sales continue on the website Their product range includes everything you need for pool construction, from ready-made Intex pools to tiling accessories and pumps. The biggest challenge is the highly seasonal nature of the products, as the main selling season for pools is only from April to June. Their market has grown dynamically in the past years with the emergence of the DIY pool culture, which has seen more and more individuals buying pool-building equipment, in addition to the pool contractors who have made up the bulk of their customer base. 

Special features:

  • The market is characterized by being the most competitive in terms of inventory.

  • The market demand is different every year and it is difficult to predict what to build up reserves from.

  • They only have to monitor the few most important competitors, and they have to monitor them continuously.

  • There have been significant price increases recently.

  • It is not a corporate goal to compete on price, they do not have to strive for affordability because of the brand name.

  • Their pricing strategy is constant: higher prices but guaranteed quality.

Before PriceKit, they used manual competitor monitoring, limiting their attention to more specific products. With the Excel spreadsheet method, the pricing process took 2-3 days, by the time they had finished the process they could start from scratch due to market changes. During the peak season, they had neither the time nor the resources to do this, leaving the most important period for the company unchecked. Errors were common, often complained about by the customers themselves - damaging the company's reputation.

How did we help?

  • Saving time and energy

  • Easy pricing and continuous monitoring, of the products they really need

  • Much easier and clearer definition of optimal prices, easier to follow a predefined pricing strategy

"We found PriceKit's services through a referral. Since then, we have been using PriceKit exclusively to decide on prices, saving us invaluable time that we can invest in developing the company. The automation of monitoring has played a big part in our company doubling its previous revenue in the last period."