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About the company:

In the product range of the online webshop, you can find remote control cars, RC helicopters, remote control boats, but also tanks, or even complete tank sets. In addition to these items, they also sell a wide range of exciting toys, such as Carrera racing tracks. Their slogan is no coincidence: 'On Earth. On water. In the air." They have also thought about the family, selling pedal-powered and even electric go-karts for the little ones. In addition to the cars, they also sell a wide range of accessories, spare batteries and lots of extra accessories.


  • The market is changing at an incredible speed, as companies can compete mainly by introducing new products
  • The market is very fragmented


  • Due to the rapid changes in the market, the company has to react quickly and efficiently to constant competitor price changes and promotions
  • Immediate promotions are the most influential in this segment in terms of customer purchasing behavior

How did PriceKit help?

  • Thanks to PriceKit's regular reports and automated, easy-to-use system, the company can keep an eye on market changes and competitors without spending extra resources
  • The number of products monitored could be multiplied
  • Retail prices can be monitored with ease
  • Real data-driven decisions can be made with the new system, resulting in more satisfied customers and freeing up staff time and energy

Thanks to PriceKit's services, the company can finally have continuous competitor analysis and market monitoring. Previously, this was not possible due to a lack of resources, manual monitoring and administrative tasks took up a lot of time, and errors were common. For the management of, it is of paramount importance that every single customer is satisfied, and since the introduction of PriceKit's services, the number of errors has been minimized, thus increasing the company's reputation and customers could not be more satisfied.